Janitorial Cleaning Services

Here at Pink Sponge, we strongly believe Pink Sponges were not only made to clean residential dwellings, but were also manufactured by magical elves to inspire more creative, productive and holistic work spaces for you, your clients and employees well being. As such, we are proud to extend our Services to the Commercial Sector for more happiness, goodness and most importantly cleanliness to spread to all corners of the communities we service.

We are thus able to offer:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Spontaneous Cleanings as your Company Requires.

Our Custom or Standard Cleanings Cover:

Break Rooms, Cubicles, Main Offices, Entrances, Reception Areas, Restrooms, Lobbies, Conference Rooms, Hallways, Stairs and the Furnishings found therein Excluding Glass Surfaces and Electronics for the ensured well being of your beloved devices as well as ours. We remove all trash as instructed, dust, sweep and vacuum or mop all areas desired as well as fulfill any special requests included in our initial consultation.

For Further Information please contact our commercial Services representative at 800-856-3162 to discuss future possible cleaning services.